Our story

The Carlile family has long been established in Brevard County. In fact, they were original settlers to North Brevard.  The Carlile family was known for their hospitality, generosity and hard work ethic, serving as a light to the community.  The reputation of the family was such, they never met a stranger and were always willing to lend a helping hand. 

Ibby Carlile, LLC is named to recognize the warm character and generous nature of a treasured matriarch from the Carlile family. She left a lasting legacy for which we long to share with others.  Her father was known as the man on the hill who would sit in the front yard swing, waving to all who passed by the yard.  When he met someone, he would respond fondly, “Glad to know ya!”  And he meant it.  If anyone needed help, all that was needed was to ask, and the Carliles would do whatever they could.  

Our hope and desire at Ibby Carlile is to incorporate those same principles into our business as we help others.  Ibby Carlile continues the tradition of being that helping hand in Brevard.


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